Home Inspections FAQ


Home Inspections FAQ

What does the inspector check during a home inspection?

LOTS OF THINGS! Your home inspector will check everything from the HVAC system to the roof to the plumbing to the electrical panel. Inspectors check windows, doors, appliances, chimneys, fireplaces, and much much more. To see a full list of what we inspect during a home inspection, click here.


Who pays for the home inspection?

Typically the buyer pays for the home inspection. This can vary, depending on your circumstance and the terms of your contract. Please talk to your real estate agent if you have any questions about who is responsible for the home inspection!


When is payment for the home inspection due?

Payment is due at the time of inspection. This is one of the costs that is NOT paid at closing. You can pay your inspector before or after the inspection, but payment is due before we can release the full report! J


Why should I get a home inspection?

There are MANY reasons you should get a home inspection. Buying a home is a HUGE expense. If you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on this purchase, why not spend the extra few hundred dollars to have the home inspected first? Inspectors check for all sorts of issues in your home and usually end up saving buyers hundreds, even thousands of dollars in repairs down the line. Many times, you can use the home inspection as a bargaining tool with the seller to get repairs done.


What if the findings during a home inspection are really bad and I don’t want this house anymore?

Situations vary, so please talk to your real estate agent regarding this. But typically you have 10 days from the date the contract is signed to complete your inspection period. Most of the time, you can back out of the contract during this time if the findings during the inspection are not to your liking. Again, please talk to your realtor about this because every situation is different!


How much does a home inspection cost?

This varies widely depending on the age of the home, the square footage, and how the home was built. Larger homes are more expensive to inspect because there is obviously more house to check. Older homes are also more expensive because they tend to be more complex and have more issues than newer homes. Does your home have a crawlspace underneath the home? If so, this will add an extra fee as the inspector has to crawl underneath the home and check it out. Call us today to get a quote for your home inspection! (904) 220-5323

Does a home inspector check for pests?

NO! As home inspectors, we are not certified to report on pest issues in homes. We always recommend a WDO inspection on top of your general home inspection. The WDO inspector is certified to check for all types of pests and fungi including termites, powder-post beetles, and wood-decay fungus. This will be an extra cost on top of the home inspection and we know some great WDO inspectors. We are happy to get this scheduled for you and coordinate with the WDO inspector on the day of the inspection.

Below are a few pest inspectors we frequently use and love (in no particular order)!

Russel Pest Solutions

Freedom Pest Control


We hope this home inspections FAQ helped you learn a little bit about home inspections! Call us today to schedule your next home inspection, or for general questions! (904) 220-5323

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