Lead Paint Inspections and Risk Assessment

Harmful Lead Based Paint could be in any home built before 1978. Bill Wilson Inspections has invested in the state of the art training and equipment to provide lead paint investigation and risk assessment services. The XRF equipment used is non-destructive and leaves no gouges or marks on existing paint.

Lead Paint Hazards harm children and adversely affect the value of your home.

Lead Check is an inexpensive investigation for the individual who wants to know if there are any major existing lead paint hazards. Lead Check consists of checking 10 to 20 building components and a risk opinion from an EPA federally certified risk assessor.

A limited surface by surface LBP investigation to identify the presents of LBP in specific locations of the home that are pending renovation. This survey will allow enough information for the contractor to determine if the areas that are going to be disturbed contain LBP and subsequently require lead safe construction practices.

Post renovation clearance testing is designed to follow up on pre 1978 homes that have undergone renovations that disturbed existing paint making sure existing lead paint hazards were identified and handled correctly, and no new hazards were created. Commonly new hazards consist of lead dust hazards created by not using proper lead safe work practices.

The post renovation clearance testing includes a review of the builder required pre-construction lead paint test results, a visual examination of surfaces, XRF testing to determine if there are any pre-existing or new hazards, including laboratory analyzed dust samples.

The contractor may face serious fines and you may be due damages if your contractor neglected to provide you a report that he tested for lead paint and subsequently performed the work not using federally mandated safe lead work practices.

A surface by surface investigation to identify the presence of lead-base paint (LBP) on both the interior and exterior of the home. Inside the home each room is checked, including 4 walls, ceiling, floor, base, doors and casing, windows and casing, stairs, and any other item with coated surfaces such as kitchen cabinets, vanities, wainscoting, crown and chair molding, and stairways. On the exterior of the home each exterior painted surface is checked including walls, trim, fascia, soffit, window trim, and porches.

The goal is to identify all the LBP in and on the house. Typically it includes approximately 100 to 150 individual tests locations. This is a good choice for the homeowner or contractor that is planning home renovations that affect both the interior and exterior of the home. This inspection will allow enough information to complete the construction planning and design stages of a project, using expensive abatement and safe lead construction practices only when truly needed.

Often times this report is ordered by the homeowner and included in the construction bid documents they provide to a contractor for construction pricing. It is also ordered by realtors or prospective home buyers as part of the due diligence before purchasing a home.

This report includes a Full Home Lead Based Paint Inspection; a Risk Assessment of the condition of any lead-paint; identification of hazards; and advice on potential interim and permanent solutions.

Lead Based Paint in good condition does not necessarily create a health hazard. Lead Based Paint in deteriorated condition is a health hazard. Lead Based Paint deteriorates by aging, rubbing friction surfaces, impacts, and failing substrates all of which make lead-paint dust. The dust is a hazard to health. Most susceptible are children that play in the dust getting it in their mouth and ingesting it.

This report is often ordered by housing authorities where federal funds are involved. It is also ordered by realtors or prospective home buyers as part of the due diligence before purchasing a home.

 Lead Paint Hazards could be so devastating to you and your children, that by federal law you have a 10 day window of opportunity to perform an investigation and a subsequent release from the real estate agreement if lead based paint hazards exist.

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